Funke and Andrew’s wedding at the newly opened Charbar in the historic Simmons building in the East Village of Calgary represented my final wedding of 2015.  And what a way to finish the year!  These two were such an amazing couple and really epitomized the ideal couple for me.  They were fun, they were relaxed and selfishly, I thought it was freakin’ amazing to have a WBFF pro in front of my camera!  Their jaw-droppingly stunning wedding was a luxury wedding affair to say the least.  From the 2 amazing haute couture gowns that Funke wore, to the amazing reception venue at the newly opened Charbar in the East Village that was all designed, planned, executed by the incomparable Julianne Young Weddings.  The beautiful orchids that adorned the Lantern Community Church in Inglewood and the lady’s bouquets were elegantly designed by Amborella Floral Studios.  And as she always does, Tamara Jones was so eloquent in her delivery as their wedding officiant.

Their Halloween day wedding was met with some grey skies and even some rain, but you know what they say about rain on a wedding day.  And this day was no different – as two people madly in love came together and shared their love with all their friends and family (who came from as far away as Nigeria).  I truly enjoyed capturing some incredibly honest moments and memories of this amazing wedding.

Congratulations Funke and Andrew!  I wish you two all the best and the most amazing of lives together!

And before I forget…Nigerians sure know how to get down get down!


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I think one of the very first times I had the opportunity to really get to know Chrissy was when she was a bridesmaid for her friend Kathy’s wedding that I photographed a couple of years ago.  It’s always a pretty special honor when one of the wedding party members sees your work and loves the energy of the day so much that they insist that you must photograph their wedding too!   As Chrissy and Gord are both nuts for Halloween, they wanted to celebrate their love as close to the day as possible, but being smart enough to recognize that they didn’t want to share their most favourite day of the year with their new favourite day of the year, the chose a date close to, but not quite all hallows eve.  We were incredibly fortunate that the weather cooperated with us and gave us some jaw-dropping light throughout the day, from the point they started getting ready, right through the beautiful ceremony at the grand St. Mary’s Cathedral and afterwards as we ran around the back streets of downtown Calgary creating some stunning, jaw-dropping wedding photos for them to remember the day by.  One of my favourite parts was running around downtown and finding some really cool locations that have been used before but creating some incredible images by playing with shadow and light!  Huge shoutout to Ribbons Gifts & Events for keeping the ship pointed due North the entire day!

Hosting their wedding reception at historical Fort Calgary was a perfect venue – if you haven’t been there lately, I highly recommend taking a look (and the food was fantastic to boot!).  It had the combination of the old-timey fort that you’d expect, but with an updated, yet understated elegance.

Thank you so much Chrissy and Gord!!  You and your hairdresser friends from Hed Kandi Salon were Off. The. Hook!  I want more pumpkin pie.

Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (1)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (2)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (3)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (4)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (5)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (6)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (7)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (8)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (9)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (10)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (11)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (12)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (13)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (14)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (15)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (17)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (18)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (19)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (20)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (21)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (22)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (23)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (24)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (25)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (26)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (27)Fort-Calgary-Fall-Wedding-Photos (28)

Stacie and Marc defined what understated elegance is all about.  The unassuming way they planned and executed their wedding day vision was all about style, class and the occasional dirty joke.  After spending the morning documenting them getting ready, out of sight of the other person, I knew that this day was going to be extremely relaxed, with nothing the joy of celebrating on their minds.

With the incredible planning prowess of Shannon from Shannon Valente Weddings (surprisingly, this was my first time ever working with her, even though she has known my wife, a now retired wedding planner for many years now – nice to finally get that cherry popped!) – she ensured the day went off without a hitch – it made for the most perfect wedding day!  The laughs they shared, and the first time they touched hands during their first “look” – I don’t want to say that it moved me, but there was this strange dust in the air that made my throat dry and my eyes water.  Totally weird.

The beauty of a venue like Teatro‘s is that it fit in with their design of understated elegance – nothing more needs to be done to align the venue with their sense of style.  That’s the beauty of hosting a wedding at such an amazing venue – the food and wine were at the top of their list of must-haves for their wedding, and the team at Teatro delivered in spades!

Stacie was absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful in her wedding dress and her gift of black Louboutin‘s from the ever thoughtful Marc (“How does he even know what these are?!”).  And Marc was no less dashing and in his custom Canali suit – it’s amazing how a well made suit looks on any guy and the confidence that it gives them which you can see in the way a man carries himself.  Amborella Floral Studios designed the amazing floral arrangements which highlighted each of the family-style tables at the reception.  My friends Ixchel and Justin from Parfait Productions were riding shotgun with me – I can’t wait to see the film they put together for them and Daniel from Pez Productions kept the 1s and 2s going all night (after Stacie and Marc surprised everyone with an impromptu line-dancing lesson from Dean Stroeder from Dance ‘N’ Style all of the details were perfect.

Congratulations Stacie and Marc!

Hair and Makeup Artist – Denise Hull
Wedding Officiant – Pat Latouche
Rentals – Great Events Group



downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (2)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (3)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (4)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (5)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (6)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (7)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (8)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (9)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (11)teatro-calgary-wedding-photosdowntown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (13)teatro-calgary-wedding-photosdowntown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (15)teatro-calgary-wedding-photosdowntown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (17)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (18)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (19)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (20)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (21)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (23)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (25)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (26)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (27)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (28)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (29)downtown-calgary-teatro-wedding-photos (31)

In all of my wedding photography, I believe in keeping it as simple as possible.  There is a certain elegance in simplicity – and Kelsey & Craig kept things simple.  Which meant elegant. I tend to document weddings in the same fashion that I live my life – making the most out of every experience and enjoying moment to the max and that is exactly how Kelsey and Craig spent their wedding day.  The soaked in every moment – no stresses, no worries (thanks in large part to their amazing wedding planner – Sonia from Enriched Events).  They were present in every beautiful wedding moment they shared together with their friends and family.   Kelsey was absolutely stunning in her wedding dress and Craig was no less dapper in his made to measure suit.  From the jaw-dropping floral arrangements (by the ultra talented Tash of FlowerChix) to the impeccable hair and makeup by Rana @ Viva Hair and Chan @ Bella Vous Artistry all the way to the gorgeous stationery signage and centrepieces, every detail was perfectly designed. On top of it all, having the wedding on the perfectly manicured grounds of the exclusive Pinebrook Golf and Country Club made for an incredible wedding celebration.

Congratulations Kelsey & Craig – I hope you love these images as much as I enjoyed creating them for you!

Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (1)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (2)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (3)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (4)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (5)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (6)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-WeddingPinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (9)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (11)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (12)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding-Calgary
Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (15)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (16)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (17)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (18)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (20)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (21)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (22)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (23)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-WeddingPinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (26)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (27)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (28)Pinebrook-Golf-Club-Wedding (29)

“We met on a popular dating website.  Maybe you’ve heard of it before – Christian Mingle?”.

You win the award for icebreaker of the next 100 years award!  They used that line on me when we first me and I had no idea how to respond.  I think I just kinda laughed and tried to move on, until they started laughing at me!  Then I knew it was game on!  Just my kind of couple – they are in love and they love to joke around.

Their wedding took place on one of the most amazing fall days in Calgary.  The skies were clear, the sun was blazing hot and the trees were just starting to turn their beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red – the atmosphere was ripe for some pretty amazing moments to be created and to be documented.  And a seriously awesome dirty joke told by Rob, that admittedly, I’ve been telling at every other wedding I’ve photographed since their wedding.  It’s just that good and dirty – it’s a guaranteed laugh.

Rob and Dave – thank you for inviting me to be part of your day.  As a wedding photographer, it’s always an honor to be given exclusive access into your wedding day and to be allowed to get close enough to photograph and document the most intimate moments of your big day.  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I loved making them.same-sex-downtown-calgary-wedding

downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (3)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (4)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (5)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (6)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (7)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (8)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (9)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (10)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (11)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (13)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (14)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (15)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (16)same-sex-downtown-calgary-wedding-17downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (18)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (19)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (21)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (22)downtown-calgary-wedding-same-sex (23)